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Ongoing Autism Research – Volunteers Needed

Below is a listing of university affiliated research projects which autistic individuals, parents, and community professionals may be interested in exploring.

Researchers are invited to submit your research project using this online form. Submission may take up to one week to post.

Please read your submission carefully, and check for spelling or other errors. ACT does not edit postings.

ACT reserves the right to request ethics approval for projects and not to post projects submitted.

Research on the pathways people follow when trying to obtain an autism diagnosis.

Project end date: Ongoing project

The Cognisant Lab is dedicated to improving the autism diagnosis experience, aiming to assist both parents seeking a diagnosis for their child and adults seeking a diagnosis for themselves. Currently, numerous obstacles hinder these individuals. As part of this research, the Cognisant lab seeks to... Read More

Research Opportunity for Parents Who Completed PEERS

Project end date: Ongoing project

Are you a parent who has participated in PEERS? This study is looking for parents who have completed the PEERS program within the last three years who are interested in talking about their experience with PEERS. The study is hoping to learn about ways to improve interventions for parents of... Read More

High School Transition Study

Project end date: Ongoing project

Researchers from the University of New Brunswick are seeking parents of youth with either autism and/or an intellectual disability for an online survey on quality of life during the transition to adulthood. Currently, very little is known about the transitional period for these youth. The... Read More

Development of an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot for Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Project end date: Ongoing project

Researchers at the University of Alberta are attempting to improve the life outcomes of families affected by Neurodevelopmental Disorders by developing a chatbot. The verification of engagement strategies used in the Chatbot is critical to improve families’ experiences with the application. The... Read More

Group Parent Training Project

Project end date: Ongoing project

This study by University of British Columbia will investigate the association between implementation of a group parent training model of family centred positive behaviour support (FCPBS) delivered via telepractice and: (a) improvements in child behaviours that challenge and positive engagement... Read More

Parenting Stress & Family Quality of Life in Children with ASD and/or ADHD

Project end date: Ongoing project

The purpose of this study is to learn about the strengths of families of children with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Brief study description: We will be collecting information through a brief online survey made up of... Read More

Autistic Mother & Non-Autistic Daughter Relationships During Adolescence

Project end date: Ongoing project

This study will explore how autistic mothers and their non-autistic adolescent daughters describe strengths, challenges, and communication in their parent-child relationships. Co-investigators of this study, who are both autistic mothers, helped develop the study topic and protocol. The research... Read More

Using Eye-Tracking Technology and Machine Learning to explore the possible specific Affinity between Youth, Autism and Manga as a visual Language

Project end date: Ongoing project

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are looking for people ages 13-17 who are neurodiverse (autistic) and neurotypical to participate in eye-tracking while reading Manga (a Japanese comic). This study will provide some of the first research to ascertain if there is any affinity to... Read More

Study on video games, music and Autism

Project end date: Ongoing project

Researchers at the University of Montreal are evaluating the effect of video games on children’s rhythmic abilities and cognition. The game is a mobile app for tablet and smartphone. Participants should meet these criteria: Age between 7-13 years old. Understand English and/or French. Be... Read More

Assessing feasibility and effectiveness of an online parent resource to support safe and active sport and recreation for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Project end date: Ongoing project

Researchers at the UBC Okanagan School of Nursing are looking for individuals to provide input for developing and testing an online training resource for supporting parents raising a child on the autism spectrum. The researchers have developed this online survey to gather input from both parents of... Read More