Earn BACB Credits: ACT’s Training Tailored for You

ACT offers BACB credit-earning design sessions on treating food selectivity and improving sleep, providing hands-on guidance for developing individualized intervention plans for clients, ensuring practical application and completion of requirements for BACB CEUs.

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Treating Food Selectivity without Tears – Design Session

This design session will focus on the foundations of assessment and shaping bite consumption. Your consultant will guide you to use a backward design informed by the goals of treatment for your client. This process is suitable for clients who consume all calories by mouth, are meeting their caloric/nutritional requirements, can chew and swallow table-texture foods, and have been cleared by a medical professional to receive behavioral intervention for food selectivity (i.e., there is no identifiable medical explanation for eating problems).

Completion of this design session meets the requirements for 4 BACB CEUs.

Going to Bed Without Tears – Design Session

This design session is a supplemental capacity-building opportunity following the Live Virtual presentation (‘Going to Bed Without Tears’). Lead FTF Consultants model how to individualize each step of the comprehensive 5-step sleep treatment using case examples. Attendees are encouraged to complete the SATT, collect baseline data, and actively design a plan for their clients. There will be opportunities to ask questions and receive some planning support in addition to the case examples.

Completion of this design session meets the requirements for 4 BACB CEUs.