Autism & Diverse Needs Resources for British Columbia

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B.C. residents can find local Community AgenciesRecreational ActivitiesService ProvidersSupport Groups, and Postsecondary Training & Employment Opportunities in our database of community resources.

Find community agencies, recreation activities, service providers, support groups, and postsecondary training and employment opportunities near you.

ACT has created hundreds of resources, including Autism Videos, Information Resources, BC Community Resources, and 14 chapters of the Autism Manual for BC.

Community Events in B.C.

Calendar of events and workshops in B.C. related to autism and other diverse needs.

Autism Manual for B.C.

ACT’s Guide for Living & Working with Children and Adults with ASD.

New Diagnosis Hub

Developed to help parents put an intervention program in place for their child who has been newly diagnosed with ASD in B.C.

Transition to Adulthood Hub

Developed to help parents navigate the process of transitioning to adult services in British Columbia.

Opportunities for Individuals with ASD – Post-Secondary

Programs and resources available to B.C. post-secondary students with ASD and related disabilities.

Post-Secondary Programs for Professionals

Autism-related programs offered by post-secondary institutions within British Columbia.

Since 2005, ACT has devoted much of our energy into organizing our online resources to be accessible to B.C.’s large autism and diverse needs community – wherever they live. Families, and the community professionals who support them, use our comprehensive range of evidence-informed information, as well as links to local resources from dentists to horseback riding, 24/7, 365 days a year.

While ACT’s expertise is in the area of autism, autism is rarely ‘just autism’, so we have gathered information, relevant across the lifespan, that can be keyword searched, including information on other diverse needs and in multiple languages.

ACT no longer receives funding from the B.C. government to maintain these information resources. If you find this information useful, please consider donating or sponsoring ACT. See Support ACT for details on how to donate.

More information & resources

Visit Information Resources for guides, articles and videos on a wide-range of topics, in multiple languages, sourced internationally to meet the needs of families and community professionals.

Upcoming Events lists live workshops and conferences, with web streaming available for some events.

Autism Videos @ ACT – free online videos produced by ACT to provide practical information informed by research and clinical experience – relevant across the life-span.

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