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Mungo Martin House in Thunderbird Park

If you self-identify as an Indigenous person, or are a staff member of an Indigenous organization, please apply through our Bursary Program for Indigenous Communities.

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Visit our new Transition to Adulthood Hub to learn about supporting young people as they transition from high school to adult life.

Knowledge that makes a difference

ACT – Autism Community Training specializes in evidence-informed training, research, and resources to support neurodiverse individuals.

What We Do

ACT Events

Live and web-streamed events featuring autism specialists.

Autism Videos @ ACT

Videos to support neurodiverse individuals, parents, and professionals.

Autism & Intellectual Disability Resources

Evidence-based practical information resources.

BC Resources

Community agencies, recreation activities, service providers, support groups, and education near you.

Community Events

ACT lists workshops and conferences in BC related to autism and other diverse needs.

自閉症社區訓練協會 | ACT in Chinese


ACT in Punjabi

Resources for the Punjabi-speaking community in British Columbia.

Transition to Adulthood Hub

Outlines a framework for supporting young people from high school to adult life.

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Upcoming Events

Evidence-informed training opportunities featuring provincial and international experts on a range of topics.

Mindfulness and Compassion in Parenting – Spring 2024

Mindfulness and Compassion in Parenting – Spring 2024

This will be an accepting, non-judgmental group dedicated to building the emotional resilience of parents caring for Autistic children and adolescents (ages 0-19). Participation in this group will teach skills to help you recharge your emotional and physical reservoir, cope with stress effectively, improve your caregiving relationship and build associated skills in your child.

Autism Videos @ ACT: Practical Information for Parents and Professionals

Discover Autism Videos @ ACT, where you can learn from top clinicians who share their latest research and experience on autism and neurodiversity. Whether you need guidance on Toilet Training, Sleep, Mental Health, PBS, IEP’s, Research or more, we have over 80 videos to help you understand and support neurodiverse individuals.

Autism & Intellectual Disability Resources

ACT has extensive information resources, including guides, articles and videos on a wide-range of topics, in multiple languages, sourced internationally to meet the needs of families and community professionals.

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自閉症社區訓練協會 | ACT in Chinese
ACT 自閉症社區訓練協會,是加拿大卑詩省內針對家有自閉症兒童的家庭提供線上資訊和教育訓練的非營利機構。
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ACT in Punjabi
Punjabi-language resources, and videos.

A teacher in a classroom with young children
Explore the latest in autism research or visit the Mental Health & Autism Project.

Autism & Diverse Needs Resources for British Columbia

Looking for resources specific to British Columbia? Visit the B.C. Resources page to find community agencies, recreational activities, service providers, support groups, education & employment, community events, the autism manual, new diagnosis hub, transition to adulthood, and much more!

Visit the New Diagnosis Hub, developed to help parents put an intervention program in place for their child who has been newly diagnosed with ASD in B.C.
Read the comprehensive information in the Autism Manual for B.C., ACT’s Guide for Living & Working with Children and Adults with ASD.

Community Events

ACT lists workshops and conferences in B.C. related to autism and other diverse needs that are provided by local agencies and organizations.

Thursday, March 7, 2024 - Thursday, June 27, 2024

HANG Music and Movement: Prince George – Prince George

Thursday, March 7, 2024 - Thursday, June 27, 2024

HANG Building Social Skills: Prince George – Prince George

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Leaving High School, What's Next?