Advisory Council

ACT’s Advisory Council was made up of representatives from around the province and from a variety of professional backgrounds, all of whom volunteered their expertise to enable ACT to provide an effective, efficient service on a limited budget. Many of our Advisory Council members were parents who are active in local communities as well as northern British Columbia. The Advisory Council represented a diverse resource of experience, enabling ACT to keep in touch with the needs of the families living in very different circumstances. Our professionals played an essential role in ensuring that we continued to keep current with effective practices in the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder and provide unbiased and credible information to families.

ACT extends many thanks to:

Steve Blackwell, Dana Brynelsen, Dr. Margaret Clark, Kim Dragseth, Dr. Vikram, Dua, Blaire Dwyer, Mary-Ann Fulks, Betty Ann Garreck, Sarah Goudal, Dr. Elizabeth Hartney, Janice Harvey, Susan Henke, Dr. Suzanne Jacobsen, Randy James, Dr. Gerry Kysela, Dr. Pat Mirenda, Shannon Muir, Jo-Anne Selp, Sue Wastie, and Catrin Webb, and Carol Ywan.

As a result of constitutional changes, all ACT members now function as advisors to ACT’s Board and staff. As such, we are phasing out the formal Advisory Council.  To the many Advisory Council members who are now retired, we wish you the very best that life beyond work has to offer.  To the Advisory Council members who have joined as members of ACT, we look forward to your ongoing guidance.