Two Social Thinking® Days for Young Children 2019

Kari Zweber Palmer from the Social Thinking Training and Speakers' Collaborative is back in Vancouver with two days of  training focused on younger learners.

Day 1 - Teaching Social Thinking through Stories and Play

Day 2 - What Does Play Have to Do with Classroom Learning?  Exploring Social Executive Functioning and Social Emotional Learning for Early Learners


New Autism Videos

Part of the Women and Girls with Autism series. Learn from the fascinating insights provided by four remarkable autistic women, or watch a rare opportunity to better understand the perspective of autistic mothers who also have children with autism.

Special Challenges Faced by Mothers with ASD The Experience of Women with ASD – A Panel Presentation by Women with ASD

B.C. Resources

Looking for autism & special needs resources specific to British Columbia? Visit the new B.C. Resources page to find community agencies, recreational activities, service providers, support groups, education & employment, community events, the autism manual, new diagnosis hub, transition to adulthood, and much more!

Find Autism Information

Find practical autism resources with the AID search. We've made it even easier to find resources and tools for parents and professionals with a new subject listing. Free and relevant world-wide.


You can also find 自閉症社區訓練協會 (ACT in Chinese), ACT in Punjabi, Online Mental Health & Autism Project: Looking Beyond Autism, and Autism Research.