Free Web Stream Series

ACT has developed a free Fall/Spring series of presentations by speakers who will inspire and inform via web streaming. This initiative is in response to the concerns of families and individuals across the world, affected by autism and other special needs, who have been devastated by the pandemic. They are looking for practical resources that are accessible from their homes at little or no cost. Registration is free for these events. They are open to anyone who is interested, internationally, but the focus is on supporting caregivers.

Back to School Resources

ACT is gathering resources for the return to school which we hope will be of assistance to families, and the professionals who support them. Includes details on: BC’s Ministry of Education’s Back to School Plan, Knowing Your Rights and Advocacy Tips, BCEdAccess' Exclusion Tracker Survey 2020-2021, Great Back to School Resources, and where to turn if you need support.

COVID-19 Resources

ACT is gathering information to support families during the COVID-19 crisis, including resources specific to those who are neuro-diverse and useful general resources. Our COVID-19 Resources page will be updated as new resources come in.

B.C. Resources

Looking for autism & special needs resources specific to British Columbia? Visit the new B.C. Resources page to find community agencies, recreational activities, service providers, support groups, education & employment, community events, the autism manual, new diagnosis hub, transition to adulthood, and much more!

New! View upcoming Summer Camps & Activities

Guides to Videos & Resources

Download the ACT Videos & Resources Guide for the latest updates on ACT’s videos, events, and resources. We have specialized guides for:

Special Needs Resources Guide for Schools Guide to Mental Health Resources

ACT Videos & Resources Guide for Parents and Professionals

Find Autism Information

Find practical autism resources in the Autism Information Database (AID). We've made it even easier to find resources and tools for parents and professionals with a new subject listing. Free and relevant world-wide.

You can also find 自閉症社區訓練協會 (ACT in Chinese), ACT in Punjabi, Online Mental Health & Autism Project: Looking Beyond Autism, and Autism Research.