Autism Education

Parents, para-professionals and professionals who continuously upgrade their knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder are the foundation of building a welcoming community for individuals with ASD in British Columbia. To build capacity in British Columbia, ACT provides a variety of educational opportunities available through the following mediums:

ACT’s Live Events lists events in Vancouver and around BC featuring local and international autism specialists.

ACT’s Online Videos are recorded Live Events by ACT available to anyone around the world.

ACT’s Community Events page provides links to other organizations providing educational opportunities in British Columbia.

Para-Professionals and Professionals in British Columbia have many opportunities to improve their qualifications in the area of autism treatment – for more information see Post-Secondary Educational Opportunities for Professionals

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in British Columbia have a number of opportunities for post-secondary education, with either an academic or a technical focus – for more information see Post-Secondary Opportunities for Individuals with ASD