Autism Training Tailored for You

At ACT – Autism Community Training, we’re dedicated to providing specialized training to support individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals within the Autistic community.

Our tailored, targeted programs are designed to address specific needs and challenges, empowering you to navigate through various aspects of autism with confidence and competence.

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Earn BACB Credits

ACT offers BACB credit-earning design sessions on treating food selectivity and improving sleep, providing hands-on guidance for developing individualized intervention plans for clients, ensuring practical application and completion of requirements for BACB CEUs.

Sessions offered

  • Treating Food Selectivity without Tears – Design Session
  • Going to Bed Without Tears – Design Session

Learn Strategies to Apply at Home

ACT offers various programs for parents and caregivers, including a five-week course on overcoming restrictive eating, an 11-week mindfulness and compassion course, a 10-week Connect attachment program, a culturally-adapted two-day Acceptance and Commitment Training workshop for Indigenous caregivers, and a three-day Managing Distressed Behaviour course, all aimed at providing effective strategies and support for families of Autistic children.

Sessions offered

  • Taking Steps to Overcome Restrictive Eating and Transform Mealtimes
  • Mindfulness and Compassion in Parenting
  • Connect Attachment Program—Adapted for Parents of Autistic Children & Youth
  • Acceptance and Commitment Training—Culturally Adapted for First Nations, Inuit, and/or Métis Caregivers
  • Managing Distressed Behaviour for Parents & Caregivers (Day 1, 2, and 3)

Learn Strategies to Apply in Schools, Residential, or Clinical Settings

ACT offers programs for educational and residential settings, including guidance on implementing Practical Functional Assessment/Skills-Based Treatment, training on Universal Protocol for behavior support, and a three-day course on Managing Distressed Behaviour, aimed at fostering inclusive environments, addressing challenging behaviors, and promoting safety and empathy among staff and students.

Sessions offered

  • Practical Functional Assessment/Skills-Based Treatment
  • Universal Protocol Implementation and Support
  • Managing Distressed Behaviour for Professionals (Day 1, 2, and 3)

Informative Workshops & Presentations

We offer tailored workshops and presentations for workplaces and schools to foster inclusion, understanding, and support for neurodivergent individuals, enhancing diversity and empathy within professional and educational environments.

Sessions offered

  • Workplace workshops & presentations
  • School assemblies & classroom workshops and presentations

ACT now and embark on your journey to greater understanding, empowerment, and connection within the autism community. Join us today!