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Research Opportunity for Parents Who Completed PEERS

Project end date: April 30, 2025

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Are you a parent who has participated in PEERS? This study is looking for parents who have completed the PEERS program within the last three years who are interested in talking about their experience with PEERS. The study is hoping to learn about ways to improve interventions for parents of adolescents with autism and to determine how to best address parent’s needs.

Parents will be asked to complete a 45 to 90-minute confidential online interview using zoom. Participants will be asked questions about their experiences throughout the PEERS intervention, including which things about their experience were helpful, which were less helpful, and what experiences would have been helpful. Participants who take part in the study will be provided with a $25 gift card as an appreciation for their time.

This study is being conducted by Brittni Thompson as part of her Master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. William Mckee at UBC. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Brittni Thompson at [email protected].