Setting Priorities for Future Research – A Panel Discussion

Panel presentation introduced and moderated by Dr. Anthony Bailey Chair of Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

Filmed at ACT’s 14th Annual Focus on Research Conference – April 4, 2018

Part 1: Introduction & Carly Erikson

Carly Eirikson – Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD), B.C.

Carly Eirikson currently works as an Education and Behaviour Consultant for POPARD and as an instructor for the Richmond Educational Assistant Program. She completed a M.Ed. in Autism and Developmental Disorders from the University of British Columbia and has worked as a Resource Teacher and an elementary classroom teacher.

Part 2: Dr. Rene Jamison

Dr. Rene Jamison – University of Kansas, USA

Dr. Rene Jamison is an Associate Professor and licensed psychologist in pediatrics at the Center for Child Health and Development (CCHD), University of Kansas Medical Center.

Part 3: Vivian Ly

Vivian Ly – Autistics United Canada

Vivian Ly is an autistic self-advocate and the Executive Director of Autistics United Canada (formerly Canadian Autistics United), a grassroots disability rights organization that “works to improve the lives of autistic people. Vivian is currently a Behavioural Neuroscience student at SFU and a strong proponent of “Nothing about us, without us!”

Part 4: Stephany Berinstein

Stephany Berinstein – Occupational Therapist, Gastown Vocational Services, B.C.

StephanyBernstein is an Occupational Therapist and the Program Coordinator for Gastown Vocational Services, The Art Studios, and consults with SpectrumWorks. Stephany specializes in mental health and vocational rehabilitation. She leads a vocational rehabilitation program, using best practices to support mental wellness and meaningful, sustainable employment.

Part 5: Dr. Grace Iarocci

Dr. Grace Iarocci – Simon Fraser University, B.C.

Grace Iarocci, PhD., R. Psych. is a Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University, and Director of the Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab. She is a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar.

Part 6: Dr. William Mandy

Dr. William Mandy – University College London, UK

Dr. William Mandy is a clinical psychologist and senior lecturer at University College London (UCL). His work aims to improve the recognition of autism, and to develop new interventions to help autistic people.

Part 7: Q&A


  1. Did friendships persist in the GNO program between girls in the program? (00:13 – 02:01)
  2. How can we improve the transition for teens and young adults who age out of the system, and may need community services and supports, and may need their parents involved? Are there research priorities that could help with this problem? (02:01 – 08:13)
  3. How should we as parents respond to professionals who question our daughters ASD diagnosis? (08:15 – 10:00)
  4. Who’s responsibility is it to educate professionals about autism? (10:00 – 15:40)
  5. Summing up Focus on Research 2018: Women and Girls with Autism – Anthony Bailey (15:40 – 21:50)