New Diagnosis Hub

June 23, 2017 –    Due to the redesign of our website, Steps 1-6 of the Next Steps Guide are being reformatted and are not available at this time. Please check back after June 27th.  Thank you for your patience.

This New Diagnosis Hub has been developed as an online complement to the “Next Step Following an Autism Diagnosis in British Columbia”, a guide which is sent to diagnosticians across British Columbia.  These resources are to help parents put an intervention program in place for their child who has been newly diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (which we will refer to as autism).

A diagnosis can be both a shock and a relief, even if a family has suspected for some time that their child has autism. ACT has many resources to help families through this process — you will find an overview on   “A Quick Overview of ACT’s Resources“.

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Thank you

A special thanks to all the families who have provided their engaging family photos for ACT’s information and awareness work.