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Using Eye-Tracking Technology and Machine Learning to explore the possible specific Affinity between Youth, Autism and Manga as a visual Language

Project end date: Ongoing project

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Researchers at the University of British Columbia are looking for people ages 13-17 who are neurodiverse (autistic) and neurotypical to participate in eye-tracking while reading Manga (a Japanese comic). This study will provide some of the first research to ascertain if there is any affinity to manga by youth with autism, and to appreciate if there are differences in how youth read manga. If there are differences this can lead to a further understanding of the cognitive impact of autism on reading, including areas of novel research, allow for potential objective measure for diagnostic purposes, and use of manga in for communication or intervention. 

The study takes about 20 minutes and will be at UBC. Participants will receive a $20 honorarium and UBC parking will be reimbursed. Anyone who is interested can sign via the registration form here.

Contact [email protected] or 604-423-4803 for more information.