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How Parents Choose Math Apps

Project end date: September 30, 2023

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The purpose of the study is to include parents of children on the autism spectrum in ongoing research about parental choices of educational apps for their children. This is important because they are usually not included, but characteristics of autism may influence parental app choice for children.

The study is completed on Zoom by parents. Participants are asked to respond to a survey on their own with the researcher present to answer any questions they may have. The survey includes demographic questions about the parent and their child, as well as some questions about technology use and math skills. Participants are then asked to explore 4 freely available math apps for children on their own device and answer some questions about each app.

The total time commitment is about 45 minutes. Parents may keep their camera off during the Zoom call if they wish and there is no involvement required from their child. The study is completed in English. Participants must have access to a mobile device that can download apps and have internet access during the call, but they do not need to have any experience with children’s apps.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Nicola Urquhart at: [email protected]

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