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Decolonizing Childhood Disability: Exploring the Healthcare Experiences of Racialized Children with Disabilities from the Perspective of Policy, Patients, Parents, Health Providers, and Health Policymakers

Project end date: Ongoing project

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Healthcare experiences of parents/caregivers and children and youth who are racialized or a Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour (BIPOC) with a disability/ies

Are you:

  • 12-24 years of age, living in Canada and self-identify as 1) racialized, Black, Indigenous, person of colour (BIPOC), and/or visible minority and 2) have a disability/ies


  • A parent, guardian, or caregiver of a child or youth with a disability who self-identifies as racialized, Black, Indigenous, person of colour, (BIPOC), and/or visible minority

If you answered yes to one of the above noted questions, you are invited to volunteer in this study that is trying to understand how racialized families with disabilities navigate the Canadian healthcare system. We are looking for 18 pairs of children/youth and their parents to participate.

As a parent/caregiver-child pair, you will be asked to each individually complete an interview about your experiences while seeking care within the Canadian healthcare system and your interactions with healthcare professionals. Both parents/caregivers and children will also be asked to complete a poetry art activity about these experiences. This can be done together or separately.

Your participation will involve the completion of a 10-minute online demographic questionnaire and one 30-90 minute interview with a research staff. The interview may be virtual through the videoconferencing platform, Zoom or in-person at Toronto Metropolitan University, depending on your preference. The interview will be recorded. Either separately or together, parents and children will also be asked to complete a poetry art activity on your own time with the help of the research team, which may take between 2-4 hours of your time.

In appreciation of your time, you will each receive a $50 electronic gift card. If you attend the interview in-person, cash for transit, gas and/or parking costs will be provided in addition to the $50 e-gift card.

If you are interested in participating in this study or for more information please contact: Alyssa Neville, Research Coordinator, School of Early Childhood Studies,
Email [email protected]

Dr. Fiona Moola, Principal Investigator, School of Early Childhood Studies Email: [email protected]

This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Toronto Metropolitan Research Ethics Board (REB 2022-270). If you have questions/concerns, contact the REB at 416-979-5042 or [email protected]. This study is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.