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Sound Sensitivity Study - Testing Sound Management Technology in the Community

Project end date: December 31, 2024

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What do we want to know? We are currently recruiting autistic adults who have specific issues with sound sensitivity. We are interested in learning more about how autistic individuals cope with sound sensitivity, how sensitivity has impacted their lives, and physiological and behavioural reactions to certain sounds played through a set of headphones and while out in the community.

  • Who are we looking for?
    • Autistic adults with a diagnosis (ages 19+) living in the Lower Mainland area.
    • Must experience over-reactivity to at least one of the following sounds: sirens, traffic/cars honking, construction noise, dogs barking, or babies crying.
  • What to expect:
    • Participating in this study involves completing questionnaires online, coming into the lab, and meeting in the community:
    – Online Component: You will be asked to complete online questionnaires about your experiences with sound sensitivity.
    – Lab Component: You will listen to certain sounds at different volumes through a set of headphones to determine your comfort level with these sounds. We will then use our new technology to help with sound sensitivity and ask you for your input. You will also complete a brief cognitive task.
    – Community Component: You will listen to sounds in your environment through headphones connected to a mobile device. You will be asked to rate your comfort levels with these sounds. We will also ask for your feedback on our sound management technology. This community session will take place outside in the community.

• Participation in this study is broken into different sessions that are completed online, at SFU Burnaby, and in the community.
• We are offering $30/hr to participants.

How to sign up: For more information or if you are interested in participating, please contact Meryssa Waite at [email protected].