A Review of Emerging Considerations for Vocational Support in ASD: Challenges and Opportunities

Filmed April 2013 – edited into 4 parts; total 69 minutes

This presentation summarizes the results of a systematic review examining the literature on vocational support for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In particular, promising approaches for vocational support are identified, including skills- and strengths-based learning, the use of naturalistic vocational, behavioral, communication, and sensory supports; and environmental modifications in the workplace. The presentation provides evidence-based recommendations for moving forward at individual, family, community, and policy levels.

About the Presenter

David Nicholas, Ph.D,  is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, and is cross-appointed to the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, and the Research Institute, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. His area of research addresses quality of life, family support, and parenting with a focus on autism. He is currently involved in several nationally funded studies addressing the impact of autism on families both at the point of diagnosis and over the course of child and adult development. He is also involved in a study examining the impact of autism interventions on child and family outcomes as well as research examining vocational supports for adults.

Part 1: Introduction (17:44)

Part 2: Preliminary Study Results and Transition to Adulthood (20:55)

Part 3: What Do We Think About When We Think About Autism? (15:51)

Part 4: Question and Answer Period (14:57)


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