About Autism Videos @ ACT

Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA) are online videos, streamed over the internet to be viewed on your computer or mobile device when and where it’s convenient to you.

What are the advantages?

  • Watch it when and where you like: at home, at work or on the go.
  • Watch the whole video, or in small chunks – watch only the parts that are relevant, or re-watch parts whenever you like.
  • Share with your team –  to start a discussion or to get everyone up to speed.

What do I need ?

To view the Autism Videos @ ACT, you will need:

  • an Internet connection (you can watch in either SD for slower connections, or HD for high speed connections)
  • speakers or headphones to hear the audio
  • we also recommend a quiet space if you can manage it!

Technical help

ACT has a technical support page to introduce you to the video controls and cover some common technical challenges.

What does it cost?

All videos are free thanks to sponsorship. ACT is seeking funding to sustain this service, video and edit new presentations, and develop more online training and development materials. You can contribute – donate to ACT.

Why doesn’t ACT record all live events?

ACT cannot record all of our events. This is sometimes because the topic will be quickly out of date. ACT requires the permission of presenters and family members who provide family videos. It’s a significant investment of time and money for ACT to record, edit and provide online access to the videos.

We would love to do more, and appreciate our sponsors, donors and the support of our presenters. We welcome your feedback on suggested topics or sources of funding: [email protected]


All content included in these online videos is the exclusive property of ACT – Autism Community Training Society (“ACT”) and/or the speakers and is protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. These online videos are for viewing on ACT’s website only. By accessing these videos for viewing, you agree that you understand and consent to comply with the terms and conditions of this paragraph and any other terms and conditions set by ACT from time to time for such access. Any unauthorized use of these videos including, without limitation, the downloading and sharing of these videos, for any purpose without ACT’s prior written consent, is prohibited and unlawful, regardless of the format or medium used. ACT reserves the right to take legal action without prior notice against anyone who contravenes this paragraph or otherwise breaches the privacy rights of the families and persons depicted in ACT’s videos.

Feedback welcomed

If you would like to send us feedback – suggestions, kudos or questions – please email [email protected]