Annual Reports

2016 in Review

Download the 2016 in Review poster. The following statistics are for 2016.

Download ACT’s Audited Financial Statements for 2016.

Registry of Autism Service Providers

Individualized Support

  • ACT Information Officers provided support to 1,200 families in 3 languages.
  • Queries related to MCFD and Autism Funding represented 48% of total questions in 2016.
  • 39% of calls were about children under six; 49% about children 6 -18; 12% about adults.

Information  Resources

  • ACT’s Autism Information Database expanded to 2,200 selected information and community resources, key word searchable in multiple languages.
  • ACT’s Autism Manual for B.C.  – Chapter 13 ‘Guide to Working with South Asian Families Affected by Autism’ added.
  • 1,900 New Diagnosis Parent Packages, containing the 12 page Next Steps Guide distributed to diagnosticians across B.C.
  • An additional 1,400 Next Steps Guides distributed in EnglishChinesePunjabi and Korean.

Training – Live, Online and Web Streamed

A focus on evidence-informed, practical resources helpful to family and community professionals internationally.

  • Eight conferences or workshops over 20 training days in four communities.
  • Three events web streamed live to increase access to under-served communities.
  • Over 1,300 people attended an ACT event gaining over 13,000 hours of training.
  • Over $27,000 in bursaries were provided in the form of reduced registration fees.
  • Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA) – a free resource
    • Eight new videos in two languages (for a total of 22 titles),
    • 1,800 hours of video viewed.

See ACT’s Community Training Program, 2003-2016 for details.

Website and Community Outreach


2015 in Review

The ACT poster of 2015 in Review is available for download. The following numbers are all as of December 31, 2015

2014 in Review

Download a poster of 2014 in Review.

2013 Annual Report

ACT’s 2013 Annual Report (pdf) is now available. Read about ACT’s progress:

  • Distributed over 1200 New Diagnosis Parent Packages
  • Managed the RASP with 519 professionals listed
  • Provided $12,500 in bursaries
  • Completely renovated our website & Autism Information Database
  • Garnered over 111,000 website visits
  • and more…

Download the ACT Annual Report for 2013 (pdf).

2012 Annual Report

The ACT Annual Report 2012 (pdf) is now available.

Read about ACT’s accomplishments in 2012, including how ACT, with the support of over 100 volunteers and ten staff:

  • Trained 12 volunteer facilitators across British Columbia
  • Answered more than 2,000 information queries
  • Managed the RASP with 476 professionals listed
  • Provided 2,671 New Diagnosis Parent Packages
  • Used our website as an information hub for almost 67,000 visitors
  • Trained over 2,000 people at 17 events in nine communities
  • Provided over  $12,500 for bursaries

Download the ACT Annual Report for 2012 (pdf).