ACT's Archived News

Thank you to everyone who has made 2023 a success!

Our gratitude goes to everyone who donated to us in 2023! We are very grateful for our volunteers who spent their time to support ACT’s work – we could not have done it without you!

A special thank you to our board of directorssupporters, event speakers, our members, and newly formed Autistic Advisory Committee and Indigenous Advisory Committee. 

“I appreciate the concerted effort of the many individuals at ACT that organize events and keep a key role in advocacy in our community. It is a well done job!”

-Community Professional

“I value ACT conferences and workshops that address pertinent issues and provide opportunities to meet with others facing similar challenges.”

-Professional & Parent / Caregiver

“I appreciate ACT not forgetting about the broad spectrum of needs by children on autism spectrum.”

-Parent / Caregiver

“Thank you for all your hard work!”

-Parent / Caregiver

Your donations support our free events & resources

We are so grateful for your support as a donor or a volunteer. ACT’s supporters are the reason we can continue our work throughout the year.

We know that many of you are facing challenges due to the economic situation, and we want to make it easier for you to join us. That’s why we are offering:

  • Free events
  • Free videos
  • The AID Search
  • More access to bursaries.

Thank you for being part of our community!