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The AID Search is a new online portal providing access to 3,000 resources from across BC and around the world. The keyword search helps users quickly review our curated records, which link to evidence-based practical information and community resources, sourced internationally.

ACT has created hundreds of resources, including Autism Videos, Information Resources, and BC Community Resources.

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Resources in Punjabi

Punjabi-language resources, and videos on: One Parent’s Journey into Autism and Introduction to IEP’s.

自閉症社區訓練協會 | Resources in Chinese

ACT 自閉症社區訓練協會,是加拿大卑詩省內針對家有自閉症兒童的家庭提供線上資訊和教育訓練的非營利機構。

Mental Health & Autism Project: Looking Beyond Autism

A two-part series featuring discussions of specific mental health conditions affecting children with ASD, including anxiety and depression.

Autism Research

Explore the latest in autism research for evidence-based treatment approaches along with reliable sources of autism information.

Participate in Research

You can explore our listing of university affiliated research projects which parents and community professionals can participate in. Researchers are invited to submit their projects for consideration.

More information & resources

Visit BC Resources for community events, information, and resources specific to British Columbia.

Upcoming Events lists live events and conferences, with web streaming available for some dates.

Autism Videos @ ACT provides practical information for parents & professionals across the life-span.