Live Events & Web Streaming

ACT – Autism Community Training was established to provide training to parents and community professionals around British Columbia. Thanks to the opportunities provided by web streaming, we can now offer some of our excellent conferences to national and international audiences.

ACT’s live events are funded through registration fees and sponsorship. Autism Videos @ ACT are funded through sponsorship, individual donations and the collaborative efforts of our presenters.

For our live events and online videos we seek sponsorship from school districts, professional associations, foundations, other non-profits and private companies.

Sponsorship funding helps ACT:

  • provide more events via web streaming
  • record and edit videos of live events
  • sustain and develop Autism Videos @ ACT
  • sustain and develop the Autism Information Database

Please contact Michelle Schmidt, Executive Director at (604) 205-5467 or email [email protected] to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

View all of our sponsors and supporters here.