Staying Together in Queues and Crowds

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My family is traveling to a safer place. Sometimes we will be in a queue. Queues happen a lot when people travel. The people in the top photo are standing in a queue.

Sometimes, people form queues to take turns doing something, like getting off of a train one-at-a-time.  Kind people may be there to help.

People wait in a queue to get something that they need.  There are many other reasons for queues, too.

When many people are in the same place at the same time waiting for the same thing, a queue gets very wide and long.  It’s a crowd and a queue, too. Each group or family in the queue has a turn to get what they need. Then the people behind them have a turn, one person, group, or family at a time.

Queues are often noisy. People talk. Babies, children, or adults may cry. Sometimes people sing or play a simple game. All the while, voices and noises start and stop.

When we travel, and especially in a noisy and crowded queue, it’s important to stay close to the people traveling with me.  That way, I will be able to hear their voices and they will be able to hear me.  Staying close, I will be able to take their hand and they will be able to take mine.  While we travel to a safer place, I will try to stay close and within an arm’s reach of the people who love me.