Herring Sale for Autism – January, 2022, Richmond

Due to conditions beyond our control, ACT’s 2022 Herring Sale for Autism will not be held on January 15th, as previously scheduled. We will be updating our email subscribers when more information is available.

因為一些無法控制的因素,ACT 2022年的自閉症鯡魚義賣無法如期於1月15日舉行。 我們將透過電郵盡快提供最新的消息。

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Volunteer at the Herring Sale

We’re looking for volunteers to help out at the 2022 Herring Sale! If you can donate 3 hours of your time to lift 20 lb bags of fish into the trunks of our eager customers, please email info@actcommunity.ca.

ACT will be providing all volunteers individual safety kits containing: a red toque, safety vest, face mask/shield, rubber gloves and sanitizer. It is recommended to dress warmly with waterproof clothing, including gloves and waterproof footwear.

Thanking Oceanside Fisheries and all the Herring Sale Volunteers

ACT appreciates the continuing generosity and enthusiasm of Anne McCaw and Mike Rekis of Oceanside Fisheries, who donated 33,000 lbs of herring for the 2021 Herring Sale for Autism. We also extend our gratitude to the volunteers who braved the chilly weather to help sell every single one of those icy fish and to the sponsors who all contributed to ensuring the sale was a tremendous success:

  • Abbey Rekis
  • Anna Donnelly
  • Anne McCaw
  • Anne Millerd
  • Barry O’Rourke
  • Bob MacDonald
  • Brian van Dorf
  • Courtenay Rekis
  • Darrell Hills
  • Doug Shinde
  • Grant McMillan
  • Ian Geldres
  • Jamil Moore
  • Jason Kuramoto
  • John Kitchen
  • John Olafsen
  • Juan Geldres
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Ken Johnson
  • Ken Yoshikawa
  • Kerry Mcdonald
  • Len Fanning
  • Muriel Bevendick
  • Nicole Provost
  • Paul Bevendick
  • Richie Chin
  • Rob Clarke
  • Sheldon Williams
  • Steveston Harbour Authority
  • Stingray Radio
  • Tom Zeng
  • Trevor Wu
  • Tsur Sommerville
  • Zimo Wang
This event is being sponsored by Oceanside Fisheries with support from the Steveston Harbour Authority. blank
Herring being loaded into bags

2021 Herring Sale Photo by Grant McMillan


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