Handouts for “INVESTing in Girls & Women with Autism”

Thank you for registering for

INVESTing in Girls & Women with Autism

presented by Dori Zener, MSW, RSW.

Friday, November 2, 2018

SFU Harbour Centre (See Map)
Fletcher Challenge Theatre (Room 1900)

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Please download your copy of the handout prior to the event. We will not have printed copies available on site! This handout is for participants of this workshop only. Do not copy or share this document.

*Updated Versions*

Event Handout – 3 Slide Version (39 Pages)

Event Handout – 6 Slide Version (24 Pages)

Live Polls During the Event

Thank you for participating in the live polling during this event. 

Word Cloud: “Amazing Qualities of Girls & Women with ASD”