What is ABA and Why is it Important in the Treatment of Autism?

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Presented by
Suzanne JacobsenEd.D., BCBA Clinical Director, ABA Learning Centre
Recorded August 7, 2008 in Vancouver

About the Presentation

In B.C., once parents receive a diagnosis of autism for their child, they are expected to set up a treatment program grounded on Applied Behavior Analysis. But what exactly is ABA and why is it so crucial in autism treatment? This presentation explains the differences and overlap between commonly used terms that frequently confuse parents including: discrete trial, Lovaas therapy, Verbal Behavior, Pivotal Response Training and Positive Behavior Support. Dr. Jacobsen, a registered psychologist and board certified behavior analyst will provide this important orientation both for parents and for the community professionals supporting them. This workshop is illustrated by wonderful video of children engaged in ABA and demonstrates the positive role that ABA can play in the treatment of children with ASD.

The Online Video is in four parts with a total running time of approximately 4 hours and 18 minutes.

About the Presenter

Dr. Suzanne Jacobsen is well known to professionals and parents across BC for her exceptional range of expertise as a diagnostician, educator, psychologist and behavior consultant. She has lectured across North America and in Asia on various aspects of autism treatment.

A registered psychologist and certified teacher, Dr. Jacobsen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a certification that is becoming increasingly valued in the autism field. Her mentor is Dr. Vincent Carbone and she is particularly interested in how the Verbal Behavior approach to Applied Behavior Analysis can be used in high quality, cost-effective autism treatment programs. Dr. Jacobsen is Clinical Director of ABA Learning Centre. She is a member of the Advisory Council of ACT.

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Comments from Live Events

  • “I appreciate her knowledge & passion in this area. I thought she was very thought-provoking and engaging.”
  • “Finally a professional who speaks her mind – gives information in a very concise, positive, honest, & holistic fashion. Thank You!”
    -Parent & Para-professional
  • “Really enjoyed listening to her. I believe more professionals should be like this, i.e. not putting down other approaches. I love the idea of “what is good for the child at this time.”
  • “Very well spoken, GREAT videos. Nice to see her step through some issues.”
  • “Suzanne, I love your passion in what you do!”