Mental Health and Individuals with ASD: A Primer for Community Professionals & Parents

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Presented by
Vikram DuaMD, FRCP (C)
Recorded October 22, 2011 in Vancouver

About the Presentation

It is quite common for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to be affected by significant mental health issues including anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, tics and mood disorders. The impact of these conditions on an individual’s functioning and wellbeing can often be greater than the impact of autism itself. Their early recognition and treatment reduces complications and improves the ability of children and adults with ASD to thrive at school, in the community and in the workplace.

This fascinating four hour presentation is divided into 4 parts. Included is a comprehensive review of medication, treatment and planning issues of particular relevance to community professionals and parents.

About the Presenter

Dr. Dua is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has assessed and treated hundreds of children and youth with ASD in British Columbia over the past decade. He served as the primary researcher and writer for the Ministry of Health policy paper, “Standards and Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Assessment of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Dr. Dua completed his medical school training at McMaster University in Hamilton and then went on to do a residency at Harvard Medical School. He is an associate clinical professor at the University of British Columbia and is a co-investigator at the B.C. site of the national longitudinal study of young children with ASD (“ASD Pathways”). He is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Mental Health Commission of Canada and practices with the Neuropsychiatry Clinic of BC Children’s Hospital.

Comments from Live Events

  • “Very well presented, very informative and helpful.”
  • “Great Info! Eye opening and wonderful to have Dr. Dua share his information over the course of a day.”
  • “Gave me a better perspective on medication, mental health issues and what the jargon means.”
  • “Fantastic and timely!”