ACT Survey Results 2016

Thank you to everyone who  took the time to answer ACT’s Resources and Services Survey 2016, released in August.  Over 1,000 responses were received from parents, individuals with autism, professionals and para-professionals. There was strong representation from across B.C. which means that the survey provide very useful insights to the perceptions and priorities of families and professionals.

While there were some differences in responses based on whether we looked at parent versus professional perspectives, or whether the respondent lived in Metro Vancouver or a small rural community, in general, the responses were similar across the board:

  • Those who have used ACT’s many free online resources or the individualized services of Information Officers rate them highly.
  • Many respondents, depending on the resource or service, are not aware of all that ACT provides: we need to do a better job of promoting our resources, especially in Northern B.C.

All of the suggestions we made in terms of areas where ACT could improve our resources were endorsed. The highest degrees of support were for:

  • Better information resources for adults;
  • A Registry of Autism Service Providers for children six and over;
  • Develop a profile tool for all professions on the RASP.

ACT’s next step will be to seek out necessary resources to enable us to meet the challenges we have been set. To review a full report on the results you can download the ACT Survey Results 2016 here.