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Body Smart: Right from the Start

By Kerri Isham


This book, written to support children ages 3-10, will guide parents through the foundations of body safety and keeping kids safe from sexual abuse. It covers a wide range of topics including boundaries, bodies, public/private, touch, secrets, perseverance, trusted adults, body signals and many more. Activities and discussions supports are provided.

Adult (parents, caregivers, grand-parents, counsellors, child and youth care workers, foster parents, nurses, sexual abuse prevention workers, primary teachers and early childhood educators) are encouraged to use this workbook directly with a little person. This book was not written for children to navigate alone.

Power Up Education is a Canadian sexual health education organization, comprised of "dedicated and empathetic educators with an understanding of, and sensitivity to, the spectrum of needs from preschoolers to adults" [website].

Where to find this Book

This resource is available for purchase from Power Up Education.

This book is in English


Kerri Isham

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