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BC Association of Speech / Language Pathologists & Audiologists

Mandate (from the organization website)

"BCASLPA works to ensure all British Columbians can experience their human right to communicate. Through support, education and advocacy, they help residents of all ages to reach their communication potential." [Website]


Provides information about treatment for individuals of all ages who may experience problems with their speech, language, hearing, voice, swallowing, fluency, or social communication. The website has a "Find a Professional" tool which allows users to search for audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists across BC.

"The BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists is a not-for-profit association with more than 1200 member speech-language pathologists and audiologists in British Columbia." [Website]

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is located at
402-1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4S5


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