Information for Service Providers

General Information for Professionals Applying to the RASP

The Registry for Autism Service Providers (RASP) is for professionals who provide services to children under six with ASD and their families in British Columbia. The professionals eligible to be included on the RASP include Behavior Consultants, Speech-Language Pathologists, Supervised Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Supervised Occupational Therapists (as of April 1, 2017) and Physical Therapists. Once a professional is on the RASP list, parents can use the funding they receive from MCFD’s Autism Funding: Under Age Six Program to pay for the services specified.

ACT has been responsible for administering the RASP, under contract with the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), since 2005. ACT’s goal is for the RASP to be a useful tool for families seeking appropriately trained and experienced service providers.

New RASP Applicants

The RASP Application Form is accessed from the MCFD website. Please read the information specific to your profession prior to submitting your application. See the links below:

Please note: Behavior Interventionists (BI) are not included on the RASP (MCFD does not have specific requirements for this group). Parents are responsible for ensuring that BIs are at least 19 years old and have a valid Criminal Record Check.

Criminal Record Check Process

To ensure you meet MCFD’s criminal record check requirements, please see ACT’s information on the Criminal Record Check (CRC) process for RASP applicants.

Submitting Your Application to ACT

Please submit the original application by mail to ACT – Autism Community Training, Suite 150 – 2250 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC V5M 3Z3. Faxed or emailed applications are not accepted and will delay your application.

Any questions contact Jeff Hoffman, RASP Administrative Assistant,