Information for Service Providers

General Information on the RASP for Professionals

On December 15, 2004 ACT assumed responsibility for administering the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP), (formerly, the Qualified Service Provider List), under contract to the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). The RASP is for professionals who provide services to children under 6 with ASD and their families. Once a professional is on the RASP list, parents can use the funding they receive from MCFD’s Autism Funding: Under Age Six Program to pay for the services specified.

ACT’s goal is for the RASP to be a transparent tool for families seeking appropriately trained and experienced service providers. Since acquiring the RASP, we have taken a number of steps towards realizing this goal, including extensive revisions to update individual entries, reorganizing the list into geographic regions and launching an on-line profile initiative.  We also require service providers to submit Criminal Record Checks (CRCs) and other professional documentation (e.g., proof of academic degrees).

New RASP Applicants

Please refer to the RASP Application Process if you are a Behavior Consultant, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist intending to provide autism intervention to children under age 6. The RASP application form which was last updated by MCFD in April 2011 can be accessed from the MCFD website. It is helpful to refer to the information on the ACT website regarding the RASP Application Process prior to completing the application form.

Online RASP Profiles for Behavior Consultants

In the spring of 2008, ACT began receiving funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to increase the number of behavior consultant profiles on the RASP. We are pleased to report that, as of September 30, 2013, 95 behavior consultants on the RASP have provided profiles. This represents roughly half of the behavior consultants now on the RASP.

Even if you are not taking new clients at this time, if you are a behavior consultant, we want your profile, too! Feedback we have received strongly suggests that doing so benefits both families and behavior consultants. For example, families have told us they appreciate having as much information as possible when it comes to the often-daunting task of identifying the right professional for their child. Behavior consultants have noted they benefit by being able to engage in more substantive discussions with interested families who already have the basic information. Statistics from the ACT website demonstrate that the profiles are one of the most popular areas on our busy website. For completing a profile see: RASP Profiles.