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The Social Information Processing & Mental Health in Autism Study (SIMH-A)

Project end date: October 1, 2024

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The Autism, Stress and Anxiety Program (ASAP Lab) at UBC is conducting a study that aims to understand how the ability to make sense of others’ thoughts, feelings and intentions (i.e., perspective-taking) relates to mental health and social well-being among autistic young adults. We often hear from autistic youth and young adults in our clinical and research work that, for some, their experience of “missing the social script” and struggling to understand others’ social cues (particularly neurotypical peers, friends and family) has led them to feel distressed, confused, and anxious in social situations. Through this study, we want to see whether autistic young adults with specific perspective-taking styles (e.g., tending to “overinterpret” social situations, or interpret them more negatively) are more likely to experience social distress and may benefit from more tailored mental health supports.