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Spotlight on AID resources: your community, Chinese-language articles and fear of needles

Posted November 8, 2015

Focus on Resources in ACT’s Autism Information Database (AID)

There are now over 11,000 children in B.C. receiving autism funding. At ACT we know it is a struggle for families to find local services that meet their child’s needs. ACT has developed the Autism Information Database so that parents can search for local resources by their community name or postal code, as well as find information resources sourced internationally.

New Community Resources in the AID – just a few examples!

It is simple to search the Autism Information Database by using keywords. Below are some resources that have been recently added to the AID with the keywords we have used for the search. Remember, if you are using a phrase, add quotation marks, as in “Prince Rupert”- otherwise you will also get results for Prince George!

Search “Prince Rupert” – The AID contains four community resources for Prince Rupert including:

Search “Employment” – ACT has added a number of employment records this month. If you search for “Employment Salmon Arm”, for example, you will find this employment service in Salmon Arm as well as other resources:

For more employment resources, download Chapter 12 of ACT’s Autism Manual for BC – “A Guide to Employment for Teens and Adults with Autism in B.C.

Help ACT Develop the AID as a Truly Provincial Resource

ACT is looking for community resources from throughout B.C. You can submit your recommendations for quality resources in your community for inclusion in the AID via We also appreciate updates or corrections of existing community records.

New Chinese-Language Information Resources in the AID

A major role for ACT is ensuring families, and the professionals who support them, have access to high quality information resources. ACT’s staff is constantly researching new resources from across Canada and internationally; the Autism Information Database (AID) now has over 2,000 records. Of course, ACT does not develop all these resources, but we are lucky at ACT to have the skills of ACT Information Officer Christine Hung who has translated into Chinese a number of Social Thinking articles, written by Michelle Garcia Winner, with her permission. They include:

  • 社交思考、 整合執行功能和心理衛生: 社交、學業與情緒的相互影響 (Social Thinking, Executive Functioning and Mental Health: The interplay of the social mind, the academic load and emotions) –

  • 社交溝通之舞: 溝通四步驟 (The Social Communication Dance: The Four Steps of Communication) –

These resources and many others are accessible through the ACT in Chinese (自閉症社區訓練協會)

Resources to Help Reduce Fear of Needles and Blood Work

With the flu season upon us, you may find this resource has good ideas on how to deal with the anxieties related to vaccinations and blood work: