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THRIVE is suitable for children diagnosed with ADHD, High Functioning Autism and who may present with anxiety, depression, working memory and executive function challenges.

THRIVE is unique 9 week program that combines practical and engaging instruction and physical fitness, with the goal of teaching children diagnosed with ADHD to THRIVE!

THRIVE was developed to give children with ADHD strategies and a greater understanding of their diagnosis. Children gain knowledge of how their brain works and why they do the things they do. THRIVE uniquely incorporates exercise which is helpful in relieving ADHD symptoms. Active kids aren’t just burning off excess energy; they’re turning on the front part of their brains. When you challenge your brain, you are activating the attention system. That is why exercise sharpens focus for children with both hyperactive/impulsive ADHD and inattentive ADHD

The THRIVE Program is structured in the following way:

Shape of the Day: As routine is of vital importance to children diagnosed with ADHD & High Functioning Autism; we always start each session by carefully explaining the shape of the day.

Fitness Training: There are two 30 minute physical fitness training sessions each week which not only helps to burn off extra energy but children have a chance to engage in exercises that cross the midline, build strength and cardio!

Practical Teaching: Our practical teaching includes two 30 minute sessions that teach children how to thrive with ADHD & High Functioning Autism, by first understanding what it is and then providing practical strategies on the following:
  • Managing self-control
  • Managing impulses
  • Managing emotions – Anger, frustration outbursts
  • Making good decisions
  • Developing skills for focus, attention and listening
  • Making good habits and routines
  • Success at home, at school and with friends
  • Advocating for oneself
  • Homework
  • Making long term plans

THRIVE is offered in partnership with Rise Fitness Collective in Cloverdale. Participants are required to come dressed in active wear including running shoes and bring a water bottle. Due to COVID protocols we ask that participants also bring a pencil case with crayons, pencil and an eraser.



Saturday, April 2 - Saturday, June 11
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Rise Fitness Collective
17750 65A Ave Unit 306

Event host

Kristi Rigg


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