Supported Summer Day Camps: Champlain Heights, Dunbar, Hastings and Hillcrest Community Centres

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Monday, July 4 - Friday, August 26
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • 604-654-0978
  • $135-$160/week

Supported Summer Day Camps (6 – 12 years) *

Four supported summer day camps are offered by the community centre associations at Champlain, Dunbar, Hastings and Hillcrest community centres in partnership with the Vancouver Board Parks and Recreation.

Supported camps provide children with different needs, who otherwise may not have the opportunity, to participate in a community camp with children their own age.
Supported summer daycamps are for children who:
•require extra support at school or home;
•have a developmental or physical disability.

An Inclusion Facilitator assists the daycamp staff and youth volunteers who provide support to children in developing peer interactions. The Inclusion Facilitator modifies activities and encourages all children to participate to the best of their ability. Camp staff and volunteers model acceptance, patience and understanding. These camps run with a philosophy of inclusion, with the priority being to find ways to help all children have fun with their peers. Due to the nature of these community recreation camps we are not able to safely support all children and in some cases children with high needs will be asked to come with their own professional support workers. Supported camps operate at a 1:10 ratio of one (1) daycamp leader to ten (10) children.


  1. Contact Access Services at or call 604-654-0978 for a registration form.
  2. Complete and return an Annual Child and Youth Registration Form to
  3. Book an intake meeting to meet with Access Services and ensure that the camp and child are a good fit for one another.

Please note: 

  • Hours, fees, and dates vary across sites. 
  • We are able to provide limited support, at no additional charge, to a maximum of 10% of camper’s attending the Champlain Heights, Dunbar, Hastings and Hillcrest Community Center Day Camps who are registered in Supported Spaces (Supported Camps).
  • Campers that require a high level of support (personal care, bolting, behavioural support) will be asked to come with their own experienced support worker.
  • Due to safety concerns and the nature of a recreation day camp, children who display aggressive behaviours may not be permitted to attend camp.
  • Campers are eligible for a maximum of 2 weeks of summer day camp support at across all supported sites.
  • The Vancouver Park Board’s Access Services processes all registration for supported daycamps at Champlain Heights, Dunbar, Hillcrest, and Hastings Community Center.
  • If you have multiple children and not all require additional support please register in day camp as soon as registration opens. Registration dates vary depending on the site so please contact the individual center for information about the typical camp registration process and refund policy.
  • One to one support is not offered

*campers entering grade 1 – 8 are eligible for supported camps. Please note that at Hastings CC the age structure is different, the Junior camp is for campers ages 6-8 and the Senior camp is for campers ages 9-11. 

Private 1:1 Support Workers

  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Must be listed as a guardian on all camp forms
  • Are required to have a recent and successful police information check (within the last six months)
  • Police record checks are to be completed by the local police department where the 1:1 worker resides
Supported Summer Day Camps: Champlain Heights, Dunbar, Hastings and Hillcrest Community Centres

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