Specialized Sitter Training Program (Online)

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The Specialized Sitter Program

Through generous support from the BC Ministry for Child and Family Development, BCACDI has created the Specialized Sitter training modules. This online learning opportunity is designed to provide additional skills and knowledge for those individuals (e.g. – ‘babysitters’) providing short-term supervision of children. The goal is to increase the pool of individuals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to provide short-term supervision (i.e. – ‘babysitting’) for children and youth with special needs.

The Training

Several times a year the training will be offered via an 8-week moderated online training session. The online modules include text, graphics, and videos. There are questions embedded throughout the modules and a moderated online forum to encourage discussion with others taking the course. One module will be presented each week. The end of each module has a quiz that must be passed in order to progress to the next module. There are 7 modules in total, and the average time to complete the training is 10 hours.

Individuals completing the training will receive a certificate and be connected to agencies in their community that may know of parents looking for specialized sitters. For more information regarding training pre-requisites and how to register, please visit: https://www.bcacdi.org/overview

** NEXT TRAINING STARTS February 22nd, 2021**

Specialized Sitter Training Program (Online)

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