Speaking and Book Signing Event (Richmond)

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Wednesday, May 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Pacific Autism Centre
3668 Cessna

  • Pacific Autism Centre
  • 778-991-7442
  • janetwal@telus.net
  • Free

Janet Wamsley & Jenny Story, A Mother and Daughter Duo

The essence of this event is about a mother and daughter, who have not only bonded in their relationship, but also in their journey with Jenny’s Autism and being Mother and Daughter Authors.

They will individually express their feelings and experiences of going on this Autism Road. Janet will share and talk about her views through the eyes of being a Mother to an Autistic child and what it all entailed. Then Jenny will give her side of the story in being Autistic and what what she has gone through in her life with it. 

And as Jenny is also a 2D and 3D Animator, she will also be showing a couple of her short-animated films she has done and will be fun for everyone to see.

Then after they talk, there will be a Q & A, where they will happily answer any questions people may have. 

Before and after they speak, they will have a table set up with their books for people to buy and they will sign them. Plus they hand out personalized book marks with their books. Jenny also has some with her illustrated characters on it. 

For Janet and Jenny, this event is to shine a positive for Autism, to bring  hope to Autistic Families and Autistic Individuals, that there is a bright future for them all, with a rainbow of colors in it. And it is not just for the Autistic Community but for the General Public as well, as they want to help shed the stigma box that still surrounds Autism and show our Autistic individuals are an igniting force not only in Society but to the work force as well.  Jenny is living proof, a role model and an inspiration to us all. She won the 2020 Self Advocate Award for Autism BC, she has won literary awards, book awards and recently a Documentary was made about her living with Autism as an Adult. 



Speaking and Book Signing Event (Richmond)

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