Minecraft Social Group (10 Weeks)

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Saturday, July 2 - Saturday, September 3
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

  • PlaySmart Child Development Society
  • (604) 710-9088
  • pei-chyi.hung@playsmartaba.com
  • 380

Welcome to our Summer Cohort of Minecraft Social Group! We provide a combination of Minecraft games, problem-solving, social communication, and team activities to light up kids’ weekends! Want them to learn to follow group plans, be good listeners, work as a team, and solve problems? 

This is absolutely for you! 

This 10-week social group will spark up children’s creativity and hone their social communications skills!

For the best quality of our program, the capacity is limited to 10 students only. Please register asap to secure a spot! The registration will be closed once all spots are filled.

Learning Outcome

  • Following group plans

  • Being a good listener (wait for the right moment to talk)

  • Solving problems

  • Working as a team

  • Being a leader

  • Following rules

  • Taking others’ perspectives


Stephanie Chan, M.Ed, BCBA
Selina Mahey, BA

Cost of Program

Price: CA$385 for 10 weeks

*The social group is eligible for Autism Funding. Contact us if you need further information.
Minecraft Social Group (10 Weeks)

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