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King Arthur’s Night: Relaxed Performance

Posted February 4, 2018

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Sunday, February 4
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Frederic Wood Theatre UBC
6354 Crescent Rd

  • PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
  • 604 605 8284 ext. 204
  • $39 inc. tax (Access2 cards and Canucks Autism membership cards are accepted to receive a complimentary ticket for a companion or support person. Group price (10 or more) $28

KING ARTHUR’S NIGHT by Neworld Theatre: Relaxed Performance
Presented by the PuSh Performing Arts Festival and  UBC Theatre and Film

Feb 4 – 2pm | Frederic Wood Theatre | $39 | Group rate $28
People with an Access2 card or Canucks Autism Network membership card can request a complimentary ticket for their companion or support worker.

This production is a work of radical upheaval, in which the King Arthur legend is made fresh for our eyes. New to us are the live band, the 20-person choir and, most of all, the radically inclusive cast. The players in this drama, all-professional, include people whose life experience includes Down syndrome. They stand on stage defined by their extraordinary perspectives. 

·       This is not a show for young children, it contains sexual references

·       There are fight scenes but they are slow motion

·       Smoke effects are used, this is non-toxic water-based smoke

Relaxed Performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including (but certainly not limited to) people on the Autism Spectrum,people with sensory and communication disorders, neurological disorders or a learning disability.
Many people feel that relaxed performances offer a more dynamic theatrical experience, which benefits everyone.

What does a relaxed performance entail?

  • We create a visual story for the venue 
    a guide to the venue with many pictures specially designed for people with autism but helpful for anyone
  • We create a visual story of the show
    a guide to the show with pictures of all the performers as well as a complete breakdown of the show, basically, what will happen from beginning till end
  • The show itself is adjusted
    • house lights  are never completely off (the lights in the auditorium or never turned off)
    • sound and light are adjusted to a lower level
    • there are warnings for sudden noises and intense scenes
  • Regular “rules” of going to theatre don’t need to be observed 
    • no shushing, it is ok to make noise
    • if people feel like reacting, that is ok
    • it is ok to move around and fidget or get up
  • There is a chill-out space to relax if the show is too intense (if possible with a video feed of the show)

In addition to the special adjustments for the relaxed performance, our accessibility program for the entire festival provides:

  • guides who will pick up patrons at nearby transit to help them get to the theatre
  • a complimentary ticket for a companion or support worker or someone with an Access2 or Canucks Autism Network membership card
  • accessibility audits for all our venues



King Arthur's Night: Relaxed Performance

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