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FSI Learning Explorations – Microboard

Posted October 20, 2020

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Tuesday, October 20
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Family Support Institute of BC
  • 604-540-8374 ext. 521
  • Free

Join us on October 20th  for: Microboards with Linda Perry

This workshop will outline what a Microboard is and the steps to creating one.

Microboards are small non-profit societies created by family and friends to provide personalized support for a person with special needs. These networks may go on to contract for government funds to provide services.

The focus of the Microboard is supporting the person to have an inclusive life in their community as they identify thisthemselves. This includes all aspects of a full life and often includes receipt of funding for paid supports.

In this workshop, you will learn about;the intention behind Microboards, how they are created, how Vela supports their creation and examples of successful Microboards active in British Columbia and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the philosophy and intention behind Microboards and what makes them unique
  • Learn the steps in creating Microboards
  • Understand Vela’s role in assisting families and individuals with the creation of Microboards
  • Learn from stories of other peoples’ experiences with Microboards

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Family Support Institute is excited to begin launching free online workshops available to all families/individuals during August to November! Take advantage of the chance to connect and learn together virtually in the safety and comfort of your own home.


FSI Learning Explorations - Microboard

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