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FSI Learning Explorations – Changes to the Mental Health Act – How to Manage Addiction

Posted September 15, 2020

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Tuesday, September 15
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Family Support Institute of BC
  • 604-540-8374 ext. 521
  • Free

Join us on September 15th for: Changes to the Mental Health Act – How to manage addiction with Leslie McBain

Join Leslie McBain as she talks about Bill 22, the Amendment to the Mental Health Act, and “how to manage addiction”. A short history on the war on drugs, the nature of addiction, and how families can work with their loved one who is addicted, and how friends and family of someone who is addicted can be the most helpful. Leslie is a founding member of Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH), a network of Canadian families whose loved ones have died from drug-related harms or who struggle with substance use. MSTH calls for an end to the failed war on drugs and embraces an approach that reduces harm and respects human rights. People who use drugs must not be criminalized and must be treated with compassion and support

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about Bill 22
  • Discover ways to work with loved ones who are addicted
  • Learn about government involvement, and how to ensure all levels work together to change drug policy to an evidence-based approach that respects and supports the human rights of people who use substances

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Leslie McBain lost her only child, Jordan Miller, to a drug overdose in 2014. He was just 25 years old. Jordan became addicted to the pain medication Oxcycodone after a job related injury. His death shook their family and friends to the core.

Soon after Jordan’s death Leslie became an advocate for more compassionate, evidenced based drug policies. She co-founded Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH) in 2016. Leslie is also the Family Engagement lead for the British Columbia Center on Substance Use.

FSI Learning Explorations - Changes to the Mental Health Act – How to Manage Addiction

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