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Focus College Coding Course for Students with Autism

Posted August 28, 2017

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Monday, August 28 - Friday, September 1
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Focus College
1753 Dolphin Ave #10, Kelowna, BC

  • Focus College
  • (250) 861-5808
  • $750

What is it?

Special Coding Course will be a beginner level of JavaScript Programming designed specifically for children with Autism.

How it works?

The class will adopt an Open Class System to avoid student’s anxiety and help them to achieve their own phase. The class time is flexible throughout the day, it will open from 9 am – 4:30 pm every day for 5 days, which will allow students to come anytime they want. Time flexibility will help the student to not feel ashamed or reluctant to go to the class because they are late.

Before starting the 5 days class, we will have an introduction visit called a Coffee Time. In this stage, we will invite the parents and student to visit the intended coding class, let the student see their designated seat and be familiar with it, let them talk to our teachers, staff and be familiar with it also, let them be familiar with our designated are for talking and socializing.

Designated area for talking and socializing is an area attached to the coding course, specially designated to communicate with their teacher (if they need any help) and their friends. We understand some children with Autism tend to be sensitive over someone lurking over their computer. Or even when another student suddenly tries to talk to them. This is where a designated area for talking and socializing will help.

The teaching lesson will be individual, as students with Autism tend to have more anxiety under formal class. It will also help them to complete the course in their own phase.

Environment of the class: dim light, small class, designated seating with each student name, handbook & computer will be provided by Focus College.

In the essence to ensure the student feels comfortable & familiar with our class, the student is welcome to bring their own accessories such as headphones, mouse, keyboard or anything that would support them during the class.  

Time frame

Class will start on 28 August 2017 for 5 days. Introduction Coffee Time will be held on 25 August 2017.

Additional assistance & how we do it?

Autism BC will send someone to visit our class and help to assist our teacher during the class. Please contact us for more details about it.

Why you should try our special coding course class?

We understand students with Autism tend to be very good at specific focus subject such as computers and coding. Our aim is to help children equipped with a set special skill that will help them in the community. With a flexible and special Open Class System design, children will feel comfortable and able to have a good time inside the class.

Focus College Coding Course for Students with Autism

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