Executive Function Skills Group Classes – Online

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Thursday, September 22 - Thursday, November 17
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • West Coast Centre for Learning
  • 778-839-5515
  • info@wccl.ca
  • 395.00

Kids who struggle with executive function skills often have difficulty keeping track of their belongings, staying organized, getting school work completed and turned in on time, and have trouble studying for tests. As a result they often labeled as lazy or unmotivated and they are easily overwhelmed. This is simply not the case, in fact the reason why they struggle is because their brains are wired differently. Kids with ADD or ADHD, can benefit tremendously from an executive function coaching for this reason. But it’s not just kids with ADD/ADHD that can benefit, all kids can benefit because executive function skills are not something you’re born with, they are learned skills.

Research shows that executive function is a more accurate predictor of success than test scores, IQ or socioeconomic status and that’s why it’s so important to practice and develop these skills.

This online group class meets once a week with an executive function coach to focus on organization systems, reminder systems, time management, study skills, self advocacy and the use of assistive technologies to help them build a foundation of success as they prepare for high school. Working as a group, students have the opportunity to share their experiences with peers so they do not feel so alone in their struggles and so they can all help and support each other under the guidance of the EF Coach.

This class can be repeated in order to reinforce these skills until they are mastered.

Executive Function Skills Group Classes - Online

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