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Autistic Self-Care with Jackie McMillan (Online)

Posted May 28, 2020

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Thursday, May 28
10:00 am - 10:30 am

  • AutismBC
  • (604) 434-0880
  • Free

Autism BC are pleased to welcome back Jackie McMillan this month to talk about Autistic Self-Care. Jackie will expand her 12 Lifestyle tips for autistic individuals and talk about mind-body integration for autistics, by autistics.

As an autistic advocate and a biohacker, Jackie has spent years in understanding autism through the lens of brain inflammation and how tweaking habits and environments can help improve different autism challenges such as pain and sensory sensitivities.

Join us for an interactive talk with Jackie.

***Your questions welcome! If you want to ask questions ahead of time, please leave your questions in the comments below or PM us, or email

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Check out part 1 of Jackie’s interview here:

About Jackie:
Founder of Thrive with Autism, Jackie has spent the years since 1976—a period of dramatic functional gains and losses—figuring out what helps, what hurts, and the science which explains this. Drawing on a degree in Environmental Studies, two years of premedical training, and many years in complementary health, she demystifies autism recovery, with a particular focus on inexpensive and DIY options for all ages and stages. (Excerpt from Amazon)

Jackie has a global mission to assist autistic spectrum children and adults in optimizing their quality of life and function — in truly thriving — and to help parents, educators, and supporting professionals in creating environments which enable (instead of disable) these gains. (Excerpt from Thrive With Autism)

Autistic Self-Care with Jackie McMillan (Online)

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