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Autistic Input Session for BC Accessibility Legislation

Posted November 23, 2019

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Saturday, November 23
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Burnaby Neighbourhood House Community Hall or Online via Zoom
5024 Rumble Street

  • Autistics United Canada
  • n/a
  • Free

Autistics United Canada and the Neurodiversity Listening Society are hosting an event where autistic and neurodivergent people can give feedback on the upcoming BC accessibility legislation, as part of the public consultation process.

This feedback will be used to generate a report by BC chapters of Autistics United to submit to the provincial government.

The event is happening on Saturday November 23rd, 1:30-4:30 pm. Attendees can come in person to 5024 Rumble Street in Burnaby, near Royal Oak Station, or join us online via Zoom. Honorariums and snacks will be provided.

Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent voices will be prioritized at this input session, though family, friends, and professionals are welcome to attend. There will be opportunities for people of all backgrounds to submit input leading up to and after the event online.

More information can be found on our Facebook event page ( and our registration form:

Autistic Input Session for BC Accessibility Legislation

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