2-Day Advanced Training Workshop with Dr Ross Greene: Collaborative & Proact Solutions (CPS) Model

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“I used plan B during our Christmas holidays, and what a difference! We were able to proactively discuss the situations that normally would send one of my children into a tailspin of meltdowns and this year was by far our most successful and happy holiday! Shifting to the belief of ‘kids do well if they can’ has changed the way I see all of the relationships in my life, far beyond parenting.” 
-Chelsea B.
Attendee of Dr. Ross Greene Virtual Event November 2020

This event is open to all parents, especially those raising children experiencing social, emotional and behavioral challenges, and all professionals working with them.  Dr Ross Greene is known around the globe for the work he has done with and supporting children with Autism. 

Due to COVID 19 we transitioned to offering our events in various time zones.  This event is virtual in “London, Ontario” or the Eastern Daylight Saving Time Zone making it open to everyone.  This means no travel, accommodation or other expenses making it possible for our events to be joined by an international audience.
At the conclusion of this 2 day Advanced Training Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the six key themes of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model;
  • Identify and assess lagging skills and unsolved problems using the NEW Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP);
  • Understand the three options (Plans A, B and C) for handling unsolved problems;
  • Understand the three steps that are involved in solving problems collaboratively, and the difficult aspects of each step.

Our last virtual training parents were implementing what they’d learned on Day 1 and were able to share through our chat platform how it had impacted the lives of their families.  These advanced training workshops have literally changed lives.  What happened with Chelsea B could happen to your family too. 

All registrations are online.  For more details about Dr Greene, the event and links to register :  4children.ca/drgreenes-2-day-workshop/

Cost: Early Bird Rate $199.99; Regular Rate $220.00. Eligible for Autism Funding use

ATTENTION: Pre-Approval recommended for Autism Funding. Upon approval and after the event submit receipt, Form CF0926 and Certificate of Completion directly to Autism Funding for reimbursement.

2-Day Advanced Training Workshop with Dr Ross Greene: Collaborative & Proact Solutions (CPS) Model

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