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GIRLS CLUB is a club for girls with autism and neuro/developmental differences.

GIRLS CLUB is an inclusive (all ages and abilities) group that fosters fun, community, friendships, play, and “big sister-little sister” connections. It’s also a
place for parents to connect; it's a place of acceptance, for all of us to just be ourselves.

What we do:

We have events, theme parties, watch movies, do crafts, go on field trips, dance,
play, go out in nature, swim, explore, and more.

We have a balance of indoor events, and outdoor activities, some structure, and some freeform.


GIRLS CLUB is an inclusive group, open to:
- Girls with neuro-developmental differences (autism, other)
- Girls of any “ability”, independence, or level of “functioning” -- the only labels at GIRLS CLUB are the name tags!
- Girls of all ages
- Parents or caregivers (a responsible adult must be present at events)

In the Lower Mainland, we get together 2x a month to hang out, have fun or go on adventures. In the Okanagan, we get together 1x a month to do the same.

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GIRLS CLUB has multiple locations:
Main Door
Pacific Autism Family Network
Richmond, BC
Vicky Ryan (Founder & Director, Lower Mainland)

Bree Cawley (Director, Okanagan Region)

Vernon, BC

Community Agency

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