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Autism Spectrum Disorder in Fragile X Syndrome

Consensus of the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium on Clinical Practices

By Budimirovic, Dejan; Haas -Givler, Barbara; Biltz, Robin; Esler, Amy; Kaufmann, Walter with Sudhalter, Vicki; Stackhouse, Tracy M.; Scharfenaker, Sarah K.; Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth


This online article describes how individuals with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disorder, can have symptoms of autism. It also notes differences between individuals with both Fragile X and autism, and individuals with Fragile X only, and it discusses the implications of these differences for intervention.

The National Fragile X Foundation aims to "enrich lives through educational and emotional support, promote public and professional awareness, [and] advance research toward improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X." [Website]

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National Fragile X Foundation
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