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Healthy Bodies for Girls

A Parent's Guide on Puberty for Girls with Disabilities

By Weitlauf, Amy; White, Stormi; Yancey, Olivia; Rissley, Caitlin Nicholl; Harland, Elizabeth with Van Tran, Cong; Bowers, Jennifer; Newsom, Cassandra


This online article provides information for parents of pubescent girls with developmental disabilities. It discusses a number of topics, such as hygiene, the distinction between public and private, mood swings, menstruation, and gynecological exams. It contains practical advice related to each area.

This resource is available in English and Spanish.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is “an interdisciplinary research, training, diagnosis, and treatment institute” for children and adults with developmental disabilities. [Website]

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This online article is in English


Vanderbilt Kennedy Centre
Tennessee, United States

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