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培養組織能力的十步驟: 不只是為了家庭作業

10 Steps to Foster Organization: Homework and Beyond! (Chinese)

By Michelle Garcia Winner with ACT in Chinese


這篇中譯短文是ACT in Chinese 網頁中 Social Thinking 中譯短文的其中一篇。文中提供實用的方法幫助學生培養組織能力,積極面對缺乏整合執行功能對課業及生活上帶來的挑戰。

This online article is part of "ACT in Chinese", an area of ACT - Autism Community Training's website that houses information in Chinese to support Chinese-speaking families. This article is one of the five 'Social Thinking' articles translated into Chinese, with the permission of author Michelle Garcia Winner. Other articles include: "Social Thinking: Teaching the Unthinkable", "Social Behavior starts with Social Thoughts", "The Social Communication Dance", and "Social Thinking, Executive Function and Mental Health".

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This online article is in Chinese


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