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Camp Kanannaq

Mandate (from the organization website)

"Though the world may be unpredictable, one thing remains certain – the YMCA is, and always will be dedicated to building healthy, confident, secure and connected children and youth, families and communities." [Website]


"Camp Kanannaq (7 - 12 years) offers an exciting summer camp experience that focuses on fun, adventure, learning, and creativity in a safe and cooperative environment.

It is a place where young people can learn about nature and be physically active, acquire new skills, build self-confidence and establish lasting friendships." [Website]

The website does not state if there are programs/services geared toward individuals with developmental disability. Contact the organization to ask about specific programs and supports.

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Seasons offered
Camp Kanannaq is located at
2020 Massey Drive
Prince George, BC
V2L 4V7
Corrine Hemeryck
fax: 250-564-2474

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PO Box 1808
2020 Massey Drive
Prince George, BC
V2L 4V7

Recreational Activity

This recreational activity provides camp for ages 7 to 12.

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